Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Halloween Tablescape - Got That Feeling Someone is Watching You?

 Welcome to my Halloween Tablescape!

Have you ever had that feeling that someone is watching you?

I am joining all my table styling friends for a Halloween Tablescape Hop being hosted by the fabulous Rita from Panoply!  All of the participating blog links are at the bottom of my post.  We have a frightfully fun time planned for you!!
I love Halloween, it is a good time to get creative because you can use some unusual things like eyeballs and special effects on your photos!  Here is a photo of my table setting with no special effects.
The eyeball plates are what inspired me this year, they are from Micheals.  Originally I was going to put a lot of gold with this, but it looked too fancy - and I wanted something bit more sinister.  I tried several different placemats and chargers until I came upon this combination. The dinner plates are 6 or 7 years old, purchased at T.J. Maxx, and the round charger mats at Hobby Lobby last year.  The black placemats are so old - I don't remember where they are from.
The hobnail goblets get pulled out almost every Halloween, one of my best and cheapest purchases ever!
They were found on clearance in Kmart years and years ago.  The napkins were another thing that I tried quite a few different options before I settled on these dark plaid napkins and the black wrought iron star napkin rings that have been in my stash for quite sometime.  My black twig flatware (from World Market several years ago) seemed like the most natural way to frame the placesetting.  

Give it all a vignette filter and it really starts to look creepy!
The day after I bought the plates at Micheals I got a random Oriental Trading catalog in the mail.  I have not ordered anything from them in a while, so I am not real sure why I got one - but I took a moment in the sun to sit down and thumb through it. And low and behold - there was just what I needed to go with my eyeball plates - a set of nine Eyeball Orbs!!! How perfect!
 I pulled out an old cage - because what else should eyeballs be in?!? and planted a couple of the extra eyes in some Spanish moss.  I purchased the 4  black roses and the signs on my mantel at Micheals during my next trip out and about.
The tombstone treat boxes are from Stampin' Up! Just click here!  They are a nice sized box that can fit several of the small size treats in them or - if you are the good house or a cool grandma - a full size Reese cup or bag of M&M's in them!! I have seen these decorated so many cute ways - but I wasn't going for cute.  Again, I wanted something a little bit scary - but fun at the same time, so I picked some fun tombstone names to put on them and used some stamps and ink to give them a bit of time worn look.


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I hope you enjoyed my Halloween Table! 
Be nice because you never know who is watching you!!

Wishing everyone a fun and safe Halloween!

Ann @ Corner of Plaid and Paisley
Ann @ Corner of Plaid and Paisley

In the past few years my interests have grown from fabric to paper and now to dishes too! I just love prints, polkadots, plaids and paisleys- hence the blog name.


  1. Such a spooktacular table Ann and what an eye-catching centerpiece! ,-) How spooky that your OT catalog arrived in the mail when you were planning your table {*insert Twilight Zone music here*}. Love the addition of the vignette filter for adding some eerie photo effects, along with the Spanish moss, hobnail goblets and black twig flatware at your table. As usual, your tombstone treat boxes are the perfect addition for your table. As always it’s a treat to pull up a chair at your table. Happy Haunting!

  2. OMGosh, I love this! The dinnerware & eyeballs in the cages are just perfectly put together and the black roses and candlesticks/candles are the perfect addition to your spooky cool Halloween table! Love those Tombstone boxes, too! So cool! Happy Halloween!

  3. Wowwwww.....I'm totally freaked out right now. Those plates are so creepy! And the eyeballs in the birdcage pair perfectly with them. The napkins really bring everything together, don't they! The black hobnail goblets are lovely, too. And you are so lucky to have a fireplace in your dining room: It looks nice, too! I like your blog, and I will be exploring later today, because I'm intrigued about the stamps.

    Happy Halloween!
    Ricki Jill

  4. Ann, the eyeball plates are definitely creepy and how funny you received the OT catalog just in time to order the eyeball orbs. The cage of eyeballs is the perfect centerpiece for your eye-catching table. You always have imaginative and creative tables that I look forward to seeing. What fun to hop with you!

  5. Ann your table is great! The eyeballs are a new twist and you co-ordinated with them spook-tack-u-lar-ly!!!! What a fun blog hop this year....so many new and different tables.
    Kari @ Me and my Captain

  6. Hey, Ann! So you KNOW I've got to be the smarty pants here. I'm just imagining sitting there on your phone, scrolling through various websites and shopping around, and then you hit "the motherlode" when you come to some EYEBALLS!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ That is so funny!!! But I get it. The eyeballs are cool, man!!! Creepy AND cool! Those in that birdcage are just TOO MUCH!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ This is so wildly creative and fun...you've outdone yourself a thousand times over! I love how you went against type and steered clear of a lot of gold for the setting. This is much more in line with the spirit (get it? "Spirit"?πŸ˜‰) of the season. I am IMPRESSED that you still have something you bought at KMart!!! Wow! They still look great and work out today, so a great purchase indeed! I never saw those plates at Michael's. Perhaps they'd all been scooped up by the time I ventured in there. I don't shop as frequently as I used to. The little treat bags are a favorite, and I think I'll have to order some of those! Again...you kept them pristine and, therefore, maintained the spooky value. This is a fabulous, fabulous set up, and you really have "an eye" for spooktacular elegance. Happy Tuesday, and have a great week!

  7. Yikes, those eyeball plates are quite spooky and the eyeball orbs you found are so creepy fun! Love the muted color palette, very scary! Adorable in a creepy way Ann, so creative as always! Happy Halloween!

  8. Ann, your eye popping table puts my Eye of Newt Halloween setting from several years ago to shame! Such creative vision (lots of puns to follow)! Oh those hypnotic, all seeing eye plates! However did I not see them at Michaels? Love your placemat and plate stack pairings too. And that flatware is eye candy to a tableware addict! Pulling it all together in the centerpiece and decorative mantle are those fabulous eyeballs. I always forget about Oriental Trading! And your handmade favor boxes are to kill for lol!

  9. Ann, you hit just the right note with your creepy/fun table setting. Those eyeballs caged-up make me smile as do the plates looking back at me. What a good find with the hobnail glasses at Kmart.

    Happy Halloween to you.

  10. "EYE" love this table, especially the colors! Very spooky and fun! I think your mantle is perfect, too, just enough eyes to spy on your diners!

  11. Ann,your eyeball plates are so creepy. I missed seeing those. I have the eyeball orbs too. They really add a nice touch to your plates. The eyeball orbs look eye catching in the cage. You always impress us with your party favors. They look great!
    Such a fun and creepy table. Always a pleasure to hop along with you.

  12. Ann, this one wins the prize!!! The eyeball plates are a bit creepy, but your table setting is loads of fun. You managed to get the perfect look with the details you selected. Seriously, this one is different and that makes it truly fun. Your treat boxes are great party favors. You've made this loads of fun. Happy Halloween!

  13. You're sending shivers down my spine! Dark and foreboding, and the eyeballs are decidedly creepy. EEEK! Great table my daughter would love.

  14. Ann, I LOVE those salad plates. I'm a green-eyed lady, so they are especially attractive to me. I've been known to give the evil eye, too, just ask my family (esp my girls, lol). Your combination totally delivers on the sinister look - perfect choices in the plates (love those too), the charger mats and framing with black placemats. Oriental Trading really tops it all out with those eyeballs. You'll get great mileage out of those in the future. I love all the sources, it's so great to share these ideas. And of course, your Stampin' Up always enhances your tables. Thank you so much for bringing your talent to this hop, Ann, I love it and appreciate it.

  15. Love your creativity! Originality !

  16. Wow - how creative!! Absolutely love your ideas!

  17. Ann, what scary fun. More like creepy since some eyeball is always looking at you at your table. But, it provides some memorable, funky fun! I am so glad you found the orbs. They worked so well with your plates, which by the way, have a great deal of elegance and class. Definitely, the effect you were going for. I was thrilled and had a bit of a chill down my spine. So well paired with your mantel. Happy Halloween.

  18. Ann, the eyeball theme is definitely spooky and creepy. What a great idea for a Halloween table setting.
    Lynne, Thrifting Wonderland

  19. Those eyeballs in the Spanish moss are a different level of creepy!!! The vignette filter also ups the ante on the sinister appeal of your table. I also think it's time to give Oriental Trading another look. Everything on your table works so well together. Great styling and have a Happy Halloween!

  20. Ann, your eyeball theme is so creepy and unique! The eyeball orbs from Oriental Trading were such a great find. I love how you displayed them in the birdcage. Using Spanish moss was another clever and spooky touch. I've never seen black hobnail glasses before...they are fabulous! The photo filter you used is brilliant and really upped the creep factor. Your hand crafted tombstone favor boxes are a special treat for your guests. It's always fun to hop with you. Happy Halloween!

  21. Ann, I love, love, love your table! Those eyeball plates are stunningly sinister! I love the way you have used natural elements like the placemat and the Spanish moss. It almost gives me the feeling of a foggy graveyard! Those eye orbs were a really find! Such a fun and spooky table!