Thursday, April 26, 2018

Celebrating Tablescape Thursday's 500th Week with Between Naps on the Porch

I am so happy to be a part of a very special celebration with Susan from Between Naps on the Porch!
This is the 500th week of Tablescape Thursday!!! 
Congratulations to Susan for her wonderful work week after week of inspiring so many of us to share in her passion for setting a pretty table!
Many of us will be posting our all time favorite tables over the years to share in this fun event. This was not an easy task - Susan's Tablescape Thursday was the first party I ever linked up to back in 2012.  My photos back then were very poor, my tables not so pretty, and my writing really lacked!  not that I am sporting the best blog now - but I have improved a bit over the years.
Here is my count down to my top 10 favorite tables over the years:

Going way back to January of 2013!  This post includes a tutorial on how I made the barrels holding the pasta.

 This post appeared on my 55th birthday after some one commented that I was no longer a "spring chicken"

 Inspired by some fabric for the napkins, this one was just fun to put together.  This one dates back to August of 2014.  I like the chicken wire napkin rings!

 This one made the cut because I think these are the most unique plates I own!

 This is my husband's pick!!!  This is another oldie - it appeared on March of 2013.
I still remember what  fun we had naming my little sheep farm!

I chose this one because I have deemed it the most unappreciated!! For some reason this post got very few views.  I rarely do glitz, but I thought all the gold really came together.

This is my most pinned tablescape photo!!!

 The back to school theme means a lot to our family - Both my son's are teachers and my daughter is a physical therapist in a school system.  So this one was dedicated to my children.

 I love Halloween, it just gives you the freedom to do some wild things!  I just loved these hand bowls!  I had more fun putting together my mantle too!

and lastly - my all time favorite was this past Christmas
 Since my the name of my blog is Corner of Plaid and Paisley, you may get the idea that I just love plaids.  This table just gave me the warm and fuzzies, maybe because Christmas is just a very special time of year.  

Well, those are my top 10!!

It was hard to choose which tables made the cut.  I like so many of my Cinco de Mayo posts because of the colors but I will be highlighting those next week.

I would love to hear,  which one is your favorite? Let me know!

Thanks so much Susan, for allowing us to have so much fun over the years.
Congratulations again -to so much success - I know you have inspired me and many others to be creative week after week.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Ann @ Corner of Plaid and Paisley

In the past few years my interests have grown from fabric to paper and now to dishes too! I just love prints, polkadots, plaids and paisleys- hence the blog name.


  1. Hi, Ann! Has the person who made that "you're not a spring chicken anymore" remark recovered yet from their time in the ICU from the pummeling you gave them? ;-) I remember how much I enjoyed that NY Times tablescape you did. That was SUPER creative!!! I know I really liked the "Ewe & McGregor" tablescape because Ewan McGregor is such a cutie, but I don't remember that your HUSBAND named it! Way to go, Mr. Krucek!!! I TOTALLY remember the BAck to School one because I loved the little plaque. Cool. Thank you for the walk down Memory Lane AND the chance to catch that beautiful New Year's Eve tablescape that is SO deserving of more attention even if it is Springtime now!!! Have a happy weekend!!!

  2. Ann, how fun to see those tablescapes that I had not seen (before I started blogging)! They are all unique and beautiful. I can’t choose a favorite. The NY Times one is so unique and I have never seen those dishes anywhere other than on your table. I loved the Back to School one for its nostalgia. And of course, the Dhristmas one is a favorite. Susan has been a wonderful source of inspiration for all of us!

  3. Wow Ann this is so fun reviewing the posts like this. I got a kick out of the Spring Chicken (someone should’ve gotten a pinch on the arm for that!), The NY Times crossword puzzle one (how perfect is that) and whimsical side of me loves the St. Patricks Ewe & McGregor post! This has turned out to be a fun event!

  4. Of those you presented, No. 6 is my favorite. So darn cute! Made me grin -- wonderful on a dreary rainy day! Thanks for sharing the posts I hadn't seen the first time around.

  5. I can't pick a favorite Ann, they're all great! I love visiting your tables, they are always cheerful and tons of fun! I remember the crossword breakfast, the darling ewes, the spooky Halloween and the mad for plaid Christmas especially! I am crazy over the red white and black farm one too...and the back to school...and the pasta, as I said I love them all!

  6. Oh Ann, all of your tablescapes are terrific - I can imagine how hard it was to narrow down a top 10. My fav of the ones you highlighted is the last Christmas one - love the plaid and your tree centerpiece! I'm sad that I didn't know that Susan was having this celebration for her 500th TT - busy with my daughter's wedding this past while. So true, how Susan inspired so many of us - or at least made those of us with a tablescaping bug, know we weren't alone!

  7. Ann, I am so impressed with all of your tablescapes. Each of your top 10 is just great! It has been a pleasure to see your tablescapes over your blogging journey. I'm always impressed.

  8. Ann, I’ve enjoyed your walk down memory lane. I remembered many of your posts but there were a few I missed, the crossword puzzle table and your glitzy holiday ‘scape. I’m glad you highlighted them!

  9. Ann, your table looks so festive and fun! Just like fiesta. :)

    We were in San Antonio the first weekend of fiesta. We loved all the music, colors, food, and fun!

  10. So many fun and pretty tables through the years, Ann. You have delighted us with both tables and food! Thank you, dear friend! The Back To School has to be my favorite! I was an elementary teacher for 30 years.

  11. Your table settings are simply amazing! Love your blog :)