Thursday, November 9, 2017

A Thanksgiving Cornucopia

This cornucopia table came about as I was as was trying to decide which one of my little pumpkins was stinking up the joint!
Yep!  Those cute little white and orange pumpkins are oh so darling, until they start to go bad!
I came down stairs this morning to a slightly raunchy smell.  Now I don't have the best nose for smelling.  It has to do with mixing some bleach with my cloth diapers when the kids were little- I created a mushroom cloud over my washing machine and breathed it in. (Never realizing that there was that much ammonia in urine!  I must also mention that the washing machine was built the year my husband and I were born - and it did not have a separate rinse cycle!)   When I breathed in this chemical reaction, it burnt all down my nasal passage ways - and ever since then my sense of smell is a little off.  I just wanted whiter diapers!!
Back to this morning and me actually smelling something bad - I had smelled this before, I knew the smell -  It reminds me of driving past a land fill and it was in my kitchen!
I found the not so cute little pumpkin with the rotten spot and quickly tossed him, then went through all the rest to make sure there were not more.
So I decided to do one last table using them before they all went bad and this is what I came up with!
 This twig cornucopia has been hanging around in my fall decor box for years, so I thought I would put it and all the "harvest" goodies I had in my house together for a centerpiece.
 These pottery bowls spoke to me about 6 months ago while I was at a Marshalls, but they finally made their debut today.
The cream colored leaf border dishes was one of the first big splurges I made when I started my blog.
I used them in my Thanksgiving post in 2013.
I didn't realize until just now, that I used the same chargers as well.
As we come up on Thanksgiving, I am hoping you all have plenty of food and thankful thoughts
to fill your cornucopia!
I am thankful for all of you who stop by and visit!  It means a lot to me!!
Happy Thanksgiving!


Placemats, blue pottery bowls - Marshalls
Brown Chargers - Walmart several years ago
Cream Sorrento plate - Butterchurn Kitchenwares in Walnut Creek
Orange scalloped plate - Target - several years ago
Cream Leaf Salad Plate - Tii Collections Dol Harvest Leaves - Butterchurn Kitchenwares years ago
Flatware - Ikea
Wood Cutting Board - Pottery Barn Outlet last year

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Ann @ Corner of Plaid and Paisley

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  1. Ann, you certainly created beauty out of your pumpkins after getting rid of the nasty one! The cornucopia is the perfect centerpiece for Thanksgiving. The orange and white dish stack looks terrific - love the leaf embossed white salad plates. Poor you, having affected your sense of smell years ago but good for you for using cloth diapers! I remember way back when I did as well and the bleach was always on hand. :)

  2. Good thing you smelled that and got rid of it! I’ve read about people that had left the little pumpkins and gourds on their wood dining table unprotected and they leaked and destroyed the surface. I love the way you set up the cornucopia. I like the bittersweet wrapped around it. I especially like the blue and orange soup bowls you found- they look great with your tablescape!

  3. So beautiful Ann! I love how you used the last of what you had to make something new for Thanksgiving! I am all about stretching those pumpkins and gourds through Thanksgiving too!

  4. I love the variety of veggies, grains and fruits you used for the cornucopia - they really say 'bounty'. A great table for any fall day!
    Sandra @ Dinner at Eight