Sunday, August 19, 2012

Blue and Silver Tablescape

Well, what I started out and how I finished are not always the same!  See - I started out wanting to do a summer tablescape using Queen Ann's Lace and those little blue wildflowers you see growing all over the side of the roads around here.  It didn't quite end up that way though,  what I didn't realize is that those little blue wildflowers pretty much croak as soon as you pick them!  I got my table all set and ready to go, walked my dog down to the field at the end of the street, cut some Queen Ann's Lace and some blue wildflowers (not sure what they are called - don't really want to know now!) and by the time we walked back up to the house, placed them on the table in little vases, started snapping pictures the little blue flowers were all wilted and shriveled.  Not a pretty picture.  I went out in my yard and cut some lavender flowers - not quite what I had in mind - but I just had to roll with it!!

So this is what I ended up with, kind of a Frenchy, blue, silver, flower kind-of Tablescape!

I found these placemats and napkins at Kirkland's on clearance and my mind started going places.  Picture a redhead running through wildflowers in France!!  Kind of scary how my mind works isn't it!!!

For one thing I have never been to France!  Second, any real French person would probably say this has nothing to do with their country!  That brought me back to the wildflowers growing on the side of my own road.

The blue and silver in the placemats and napkins lead me to the denim blue tablecloth from Marshall's, and my silver chargers from Pottery Barn.  

I have a real thing for mercury glass lately - so I had to use my mercury glass candlesticks and bottles.

I have had the Rooster for years and thought he would make a good centerpiece, then threw in the 2 bunnies in a cage for good measure!  ( I felt I needed something to balance out the two sides and the bunnies wanted the job1)

Truthfully, I can't wait for Autumn!!  I am not a summer person.  I sunburn easily and can't stand the heat.  I have never been a huge beach person because of that.  I love the colors of fall and that maybe the reason I live in Ohio, just for the trees in Autumn.  But for now - I will not wish the days away and enjoy the rest of my summer.   I hope you are too - enjoying the rest of your summer!!

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  1. Beautiful beautiful , the rooster does make a good centerpiece. Your china and napkins are lovely.

  2. Ann, the pictures don't do it justice after seeing it first hand.Although looking at it in photos I notice more details . The blue and silver are just a perfect match for the French country theme. Never knew you were not a summer person I love it!!! I do love the colors of fall can't wait to see your fall table scapes.

  3. The Queen Anne's lace is beautiful and that rooster is a mighty proud dude! Everything looks so beautiful together. I agree Ohio really shines in autumn -- the trees are just gorgeous everywhere! Thanks for sharing on Busy Monday!