Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Tablescaper's dream store!

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted anything, but the real job thing gets in the way occasionally!  I had been working out of town for two weeks, got home and left the next day for my niece's wedding in Colorado.  So no time to blog.

But while we were in Colorado -we happened upon what could possibly be my dream store!!  We were enjoying the Pearl Street Shopping area in Boulder Colorado and wandered into a store named Peppercorn - my eyes glazed over!!  My boys went back outside and found benches because they knew it was going to take me a while to get through this store!

Peppercorn * 1235 Pearl Street  * Boulder, Colorado
The employees working at the store were very nice and receptive to me taking some pictures because I told them I  knew some ladies who would enjoy knowing about their shop!
There are two floors of dishes, stemware, flatware, linens, vases and much more.

This was my favorite, the Vietri  dinnerware especially the Francesca Blu pattern.
I had never seen such a variety of linens! Many imported from India.
more beautiful things!

While the beautiful items in this shop where a bit too expensive for me to make any purchases at this time, that did not stop me from enjoying the surroundings.  If you are anywhere near this store at anytime - I highly recommend you stop by, you will be inspired!

Thank you to the ladies at Peppercorn who allowed me to take these photos and share them with all of you!  And thank you to my boys who let me take my time going through the store and my daughter who shared my oohs and aahhs! 

Thanks for stopping by!
Hopefully I can post again soon!

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  1. What great inspiration. I love green and that table setting is really pretty!

  2. Oh, my gosh...why are you not still camped out in the middle of their showroom with a "Do Not Disturb" sign hanging 'round your neck??!?!??!?! Had it been my kids, I would have just handed them cab fare and told them to have a nice life! Mommy's HOME!!!!!!!!!!! All the stuff in there looks fabulous! Wow! I am just floored! I had to keep going over the photos over and over again to catch all the cool stuff. I then saw that $310 ticket on that lamp and knew that this would also be out of my price range. A girl can dream, though, right? I love the way they have the linens hanging overhead! That's really cool. The whole set-up is really pretty. I haven't been to Colorado in ages, but if I make it out that way, the ladies at Peppercorn had better look out! I'm pitchin' a tent! :-)

  3. You definitely found my kind of store! I've never been to Boulder, but you can be sure if I go I'll know where to shop!

  4. Oh. My. Soul. What a fun space to spend an afternoon...or two! :)

  5. Lovely store! We were in Denver going and coming from Oregon and everytime I find a new place to shop! I will put this on my list for Boulder for we were there last summer! This year I shopped as Antiques on Broadway and then on to Colorado Springs for more antique stores. I never leave Colorado without thinking I need more time!
    You might enjoy Bernideen's, she has china and linens, in Old Colorado Springs and the road it's on leads to Manitou Springs and Pikes Peak. The photos are wonderful with the lovely tablescapes. Thanks for sharing!


  6. That is a tablescaper's dream. I love it. Thank you for visiting my table and blog. You were very kind.


  7. Oh, my goodness, I was just THERE on Saturday! LOVE Peppercorn and could spend HOURS in there! Luckily, my husband is a marvelous cook and also loves the cooking side of the store. We don't get to Boulder very often, but Peppercorn is a MUST on our list. So glad you also enjoyed your visit!

  8. Love that bright table! Thanks for sharing - I enjoyed it.

  9. Now I know where to go shopping for your for Christmas! - Your Sister.

  10. My jaw is on the floor. This place looks fantastic. I think I would have needed a sleeping bag. Just AMAZING!

    - The Tablescaper