Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Table of Vexing Vermin for Halloween!

 Welcome to a little more Halloween Fun!

I hope you don't have a fear of bugs and snakes!!

I am sharing my vermin filled table on the Halloween Tablescape Blog Hop organized by the wonderful Rita, from Panoply. 

 We have have 21 talented table stylists ready to share all sorts of Halloween inspiration for you to enjoy!  All of the links will be at the bottom of my post.

I am afraid the creatures about my kitchen have just gotten out of hand!

Are you ready for some creepy crawly fun for this Halloween?

I thought about just not vacuuming up the dog hair for 3 days and it would look really scary around here - my dog is in full shed mode.  One afternoon and it looks like big foot spent the day at my table.  Oh sorry, I digress here - back to the table and not the floor!!

But the beetles have taken the table by storm and we are not talking a British invasion!

We are talking the pesky, vermin kind of bugs and the spiders have joined in as well.
I found these pointed edge plates on Target.com and thought they would be fun to try.  I hadn't bought much new lately and I was looking for something different.   I live way out away from any sort of shopping area - so when we drive almost an hour to get to something besides a Dollar General I have to take advantage of it!  I was shopping with a girlfriend for a fundraising event we were putting on - and there is an At Home next to Sam's Club - so we indulged!!  That's when I ran across the beetle plates!!
I had the tablecloth, placemats, chargers, napkin rings, hob nail goblets and flatware - but I was having a hard time with the napkins.  Everything was either two busy or not the right color.  I found some plain cream colored napkins and stamped some spiders on the napkins using the little spider in Stampin's Up!'s Cottage Wreaths stamp set and some black Momento Ink.  

I spray painted a grapevine wreath and some greenery with a good dose of flat black paint and 
 got my glue gun and put the wreath you see on the mantel together.  Then I kept going with that glue gun  and added a bit of moss to a skull I have had for years to make my centerpiece. 
Two black skulls and two beetles on pedestals were begging to join the table, these were found at Micheals -  and lots of black candle sticks finished off the table. 

I just had to add a small snake or two for good measure! 

I hope you enjoyed my table even if it was a little creepy in more than one way!


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I hope you have a fun Halloween!!
Don't let the bed bugs bite!!
Ann @ Corner of Plaid and Paisley
Ann @ Corner of Plaid and Paisley

In the past few years my interests have grown from fabric to paper and now to dishes too! I just love prints, polkadots, plaids and paisleys- hence the blog name.


  1. Good morning, Ann. What a fun plate stack with the cute Target finds and then the spooky beetle plates. We had a small invasion of beetles this summer, not the British kind but the Japanese kind. We didn’t appreciate their invasion at all. I always enjoy how you carry your theme over to your mantel. I was not able to find black candles, locally. I love the drama they add to your vermin scene. Even though I don’t like spiders, beetles, or snakes your table is so cute and fun! It is always a treat to hop with you!

  2. Ann, your vexing vermin table is too cute. Like Pam, while I don't appreciate the real bugs, I love your whimsical plates! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  3. Love your tablescape for Halloween! The moss you added to the skull is so clever and I love that it adds just a touch of creepy color without taking away from black and white theme. Love the pointed plates! Martha Stewart would be proud and maybe a little jealous! Happy Halloween!

  4. Your beetles remind me of vacationing in Taho, CA when I was a kid. The bugs were everywhere! Ugh!!!!
    In fact, someone made the comment that the beetles would crawl into your ears during the night.

    Their daughter said "Then I hope Ring Star craws into mine" LOL

    Thanks, Ann, for another table, and the sweet memories!

    Happy October,

    But on your tablescape they are perfect :)

  5. OOOOH I love this tablescape so much! The bug plates are fabulous. I love your idea of stamping the napkins with little spiders crawling on them. Great and creative ideas! Fun to be blog hopping with you!

  6. The pointed plates are so darn cute!! The napkins are adorable!! Very clever table - Happy Halloween

  7. I have a serious love-hate relationship going on with your table!! πŸ–€

  8. This is such a creatively fabulous tablescape, Ann! I love the mantel and centerpiece - that rope like fern or whatever looks wickedly good the way you did it. And the moss on the skulls - very creative. Love the stamps on the napkins, and those bug plates totally creep me out, but I love the look here. That overhead shot of the table with all the black tapers and black and white looks amazing. As always, very well done. Thanks for being a part of the hop!

  9. Yikes Ann, this is definitely creepy crawly! Nothing like a skull covered with snakes and spiders to scream "It's Halloween!" Your plate stacks are fun, the pointed rims are certainly unique, the the bug plates would be great for dieters, not much would be appetizing sitting on those πŸ˜‚ ! So clever how you stamped the napkins, and I always enjoy seeing how you tie in your mantel to your table, the black painted grapevine wreath is perfect! Love the black and white, thank you for the Halloween fun!

  10. Ann, what a spooky and fun Halloween table! The black and white color palette with those scary spiders and moss scattered about creates the perfect scene for a Halloween gathering. In addition, those bug plates add a wonderful finishing touch. It is always so much fun joining you on these hops! Happy Halloween!

  11. Ann, you've created such a "Sweetly Creepy" table setting that any Halloween creature would love to enjoy. The bug plates are set off perfectly by the star plates underneath. The layered look is really striking. Loved all the additional Halloween embellishments. Have a Happy Halloween. Lynne

  12. Hi, Ann. So glad your little vermin are not real and just for fun. You definitely have a sense of humor. Cute dishes and a funny theme.

  13. Ann, I had to chuckle at “my dog is in full shed mode. One afternoon and it looks like big foot spent the day at my table.” :) I love the graphic design and shape of plates you found at Target to pair with your beetle plates. Necessity is the mother of invention and I love how you stamped spiders on your napkins and the mossy addition to your skulls. As usual your mantle follows your tablescape design and makes a spooky backdrop. As always, it’s a treat to join you at the table and hop with you. Happy October. πŸŽƒπŸ•·️πŸ’€

  14. Ann, such a creative and creepy table. Bugs galore. Those pointed plates are eye catching. Great find on the beetle plates. Love the addition of moss to the skulls. I enjoy seeing your mantle decorated for the theme as well. You are so creative with your stamping. The napkins look fabulous with stamped spiders. A truly creepy Halloween table. Always a pleasure hopping with you.

  15. Ann, I love ya like my luggage but your table does kinda creep me out just a bit. LOL I am not a fan of creepy crawly things especially snakes! I cringe when I see them. When I was a child i sat on a large bull snake once and I don't think I have gotten over it to this day. LOL. Having sad that...your table is following your theme through and through and is so cohesive. The mantle is great and co-ordinates well with your table. I have been known to grab a can of spray paint more than once to make something the color I need. I have a set of once black wrought iron candle holders that have been every color of the rainbow at one time or another. (However, they might just be on their last color because the build up is getting pretty bad) LOL
    Always great to blog hop with you my friend.

  16. Ann, somehow you've taken bugs and styled a sophisticated, modern looking Halloween theme tablescape --- bravo! I love those little bug plates and the stack is so unique and eye-catching with those pointed edged plates (never seen anything like 'em). The black and white colors are styled wonderfully with all the different patterns and textures, including the glasses and striped tablecloth.

  17. Cool tablescape, and the jagged-edged pointy plates are super-cool. I like the beetle plates, too, and bravo for the cute stamped napkins! The skull with the black rose is too much, and so is the portrait on the mantel! :O

  18. Ann, your plate stack is AMAZING! I love those black and white plates, and your plaid chargers and beetle plates complete the look! Adding a little bit of greenery to your table is just perfect with the beetle plates! Makes me a little creeped out! Happy Halloween!

  19. Ann, if I can say I love the creepiness of your table. I am not fond of bugs, but this they are so well fashioned in this tablescape. Ha Ha. I love the bug plates and the starred plates in the stack. It is very unique. The striped gray tablecloth accents the decor but doesn't distract from all of the spine-chilling decor. The black candlesticks really add the mystery to the table. Love the details of the skull of moss and snakes. Creepy and very effective. Yikes!!!! I would watch my fingers at this table. Ha Ha. Happy Halloween Ann. It is always great to see your creative work.

  20. Deliciously creepy! It sends shivers down my spine (which is more than half the fun of Halloween!). Beetles and spiders and snakes are just fine where they belong -- outdoors -- but bring them in and it's a whole 'nother level of dread. What a great theme! Loved the unusual plates!

  21. Ann, your vexing vermin are creepy, indeed! I'm crushing over the plate stack...the pointed edge plates are so unique and cool. And those fabulous bug plates! The black hobnail goblets also caught my eye. Love! It's always fun to hop with you. Happy Halloween!
    Rebecca (Zucchini Sisters)