Monday, October 14, 2019

Halloween Vampire Table

Get out your garlic!!  It is time to ward off the vampires!
Although, I don't think my little vampire guys are enough to frighten anyone!
At least I hope not to scare anyone away this week because we are celebrating Halloween with Chloe Crabtree's Halloween Tablescape Hop all week long. 

 There will be plenty of wickedly fun decor to cackle over with all of the talented table stylists brewing up their spooky tricks.  All of the links for this weeks hop will be listed near the end of my post and will be updated as the week goes on. 
Did you know that the Count Von Count from Sesame Street was the chosen character to teach counting, not only because of the obvious name - but also because myths have it that vampires suffer from Arithmomania  - a compulsion to count? 
So, I figured I would throw enough stripes and checks on this table to keep my little vampires distracted and there would be no harm done.
Then when they are done with the stripes they can start in on the hobnail goblets and the polka dot napkins.
But if you are going to do a Halloween table - you need some sort of treats!
These cute little coffin treat boxes were easy to make - they come already cut from Stampin' Up!
You just have to assemble and embellish them, I used the Spooktacular Bash Bundle for both the wine bottle wrap (come back on Thursday - I will show you how I made those!) and the little vampire on the treat boxes - here is a better photo of those:
As promised, here is the list of blogs participating in this week's Halloween Tablescape Hop,
they are sure to rattle your bones and shake that inspiration up a bit!!



I hope you enjoyed our little ghoulish fun and that you have a safe and fun Halloween!

I will leave you with my sources:
Basic black table cloth - Bed, Bath and Beyond
Striped Table Runner and Chargers - Hobby Lobby last week
Checked dinner plates - Marshals - years ago - they have a rooster in the middle
Plaid black and white salad plate - Pier One about three weeks ago
Dracula plates - Marcs (a local store) in closeout section for 99 cents a piece!
Flatware - World Market -  several years ago but I think they still carry it
Hobnail goblets - Kmart - eons ago!!!
Coffin Treat Boxes - Stampin' Up!
Napkins - made those - fabric from Joann Fabrics
Tombstones - Target dollar spot last month
Trees - Target dollar spot last year
Bats - I just cut those out of black cardstock and stuck them on the fireplace with painters tape
Small bats in trees - retired stamp and punch from Stampin' Up! and a little fishing line!!

Ann @ Corner of Plaid and Paisley
Ann @ Corner of Plaid and Paisley

In the past few years my interests have grown from fabric to paper and now to dishes too! I just love prints, polkadots, plaids and paisleys- hence the blog name.


  1. What a darling table Ann! I didn’t know vampires suffer from Arithmomania - so glad you provided all the dots, stripes and checks to keep them counting and busy! I always love a peek at your décor and seeing the bats fluttering up your fireplace. You have the most adorable tricks up your sleeve and treat boxes to pair with your tables. I’m happy to Eat, Drink and Be Scary this time of year and join you for a little spooky fun this week!

  2. Oh dear...I love garlic and I honestly think I suffer from arithmomania too, so I'm surely in good company at this table! I laughed out loud when you said we (ahem, I mean THEY) could start counting the hobnails and polka dot napkins. This is an adorable table, Ann. Count me in!! ;)

  3. Such a cute table! When I first read the title, I was expecting kind of creepy/scary, but then when I spotted those cute little vampire plates, they brought a smile to my face! The combination of black and white patterned plates with the vampire is great! Thanks for joining in another hop! Happy Halloween!

  4. I am starting my day with a lot of smiles Ann, this is over the top cute and so much fun! I did not know Count Von Count suffered from Arithomania, so smart of you to set the table with so many patterns to keep him occupied! Ha, but I do love the stripes and the dramatic black and white really makes the adorable plates pop! Your treat boxes are extra cute fun, and your hobnail glasses are wonderful! Love it all!!!

  5. Ann, your table is so darling. Those vampire plates do make us smile and not run the other way. Love the added checks and stripes with those cute face plates. The polka dots are so fun. How different to see the Hobnail glasses in a dark color. Flickering candles make this table so dramatic.So fun you shared Count Von Count suffered from arithomania. We learn something each day. Love the coffin treat boxes, an added party favor creatively made by you. A pleasure joining you on this blog hop. Happy Monday.

  6. Ann, how absolutely darling! (Or should I say a sweet spooky.) I thought it was so cute to learn the story about Count Von Count's love for counting and you obliged him so well with all of the dots and stripes to count! I love your table (like always) including your mix of patterns. The coffin boxes are so perfect and would make a great treat box. Your Dracula plates are certainly a bargain and they won over my heart. Count Von Count is my new love. As always, it is great to blog hop with you. Have a great Halloween at this adorable table.

  7. Ann, your Halloween table has so many darling accents. Your story reminds me of the Sesame Street character, The Count. ☺

  8. Ann, this is the cutest table! Of course I like the stack of black and white. You have it covered with stripes, checks, and plaid. Cute vampire plates too. Wonderful fun!!!

  9. Ann, a fun, whimsical Halloween table full of cute details. Love the black, white and purple color palette. I would never have thought to make, use polka dot napkins --- they look spooktacular! As always, you've set the table against a wonderfully decorated backdrop with your fireplace mantle too.

  10. I love how the patterns and textures play so well together. Your decor would work for a kids or adult table. Beautiful work!

  11. Ann, I love your table with stripes, checks, plaids, and dots! The coffin treat boxes are so cute. Who knew vampires suffered from arithmomania? The hobnail glasses are the perfect addition to your fun and charming table! The bats flying around the fireplace are the finishing touch!!

  12. Arithmomania is new to me. I have the opposite, fear of math. Your table is so fun with the black and white stripes setting the mood and the Count von count dishes are so cute. I am ready to grab a purple polka dot napkin and enjoy some treats.

  13. Oh, Ann! Those vampire plates are so fun! I love your plate stack from top to bottom! The mix of patterns is gorgeous! The black hobnail goblets with the pop of purple really completes each place setting. The coffin treat boxes are super fun, and I really adore the bottle wrap! I will have to pop back on Thursday to see how you made it’s,

  14. I enjoyed your fun table. The stripes and checks add just the right drama and the cute little Dracula plates were a lucky find. l love the hobnail glasses. But the best part is hearing about how much you enjoy making things with Stamping Up.

  15. I love your Halloween décor. Please share your post on my Sunday's Best Linkup. I would love to feature you. Starts every Saturday at 8:00 pm EST. Our theme is The Witching Hour. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Eat drink and be scary! I love your table and the colors are so fun. I think the treat boxes are surely the cherry on top of your wonderful table.The plates are so cute too. It's a pleasure to be on the hop with you. Pinned! Hugs!

  17. Your table is super cute and I always love seeing how you tie in your mantel decor with the table so everything flows beautifully! I love the bats on the fireplace and in the spooky trees! The little black and white plaid plates are so perfect too.

    So fun to hop with you!

  18. Ann, your "happy vampire" plates are adorable. As always, you effortlessly mixed the patterns in your plate stack. The black and white stripes and plaid look great together! I love the trees with the bats. Your guests will be thrilled to go home with a cute coffin treat box. It's always a pleasure hopping with you!