Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Not So Scary Halloween Tablescape

It's that time of the year to bring out the ghosts and goblins and get the bejeebers scared out of you! I decided to do a not quite so scary table this year, this was inspired by my two and a half year old grandson.
My grandson loves books, after reading several books to him, he kept coming back to his favorite that day  - P.J. Funnybunny Camps out by Marilyn Sadler.  Since I am pretty sure that most of you are not going to rush to the library to check this book out - I hope I won't ruin it for you to tell you  - that at the end P.J.'s little sister scares the boys by dressing up as a ghost.  It is a fun book and Everett would just laugh as I used my spooky ghost voice as we read.
The next day I went into HomeGoods and there were these ghost plates that reminded me of our fun together reading about P.J. getting spooked by his sister.  So of course, they immediately went in my cart and I set off to do a not so scary Halloween table for our Halloween Tablescape Blog Hop.
Once again, I am joining with Chloe Crabtree and an incredible group of talented table stylists for a fun hop to show off 19 different takes on Halloween fun! All of the links will be at the bottom of this post, be sure to stop back as they will be updated throughout the week.
 My candy wielding ghost in the centerpiece is there to offer up some Halloween favorites such as Reese cups, Kit Kats and M&M's.  I mean come on - tell the truth - don't we all go through this just as a good excuse to buy Reese Cups and then eat half of them before Halloween even gets here?!
Putting bows on these two makes them not quite as frightening.
 Candy corn wands are there to ward off anything too fearful,
Like the little peeps popping up in the candy corn treats.

I wonder if my grandson will grow up thinking candy corn grows on trees?!?!

For more scary fun- please visit my creative friends who have put together even more spooktacular tables for you enjoyment:

I had a little freaky fun with the special effects with this photo!

Tablecloth and Ghost Plates - HomeGoods 
Orange beaded placemats - SteinMart -several years ago
Black wood chargers & White Napkins - Pier One - years ago
White Chargers - Olde Time Pottery - years ago
Black check dinner plate(actually has a rooster on it that you can't see!)Marshalls years ago
Black knob goblets - Kmart years ago
flatware - HomeGoods about two years ago
harlequin check treat cups - on clearance for 25cents each - Hobby Lobby years ago
Candy Corn wands - Hobby Lobby - I added straws and bows
White ghost pumpkins - Hobby Lobby
Big Ghost with candy - Marshalls
Twig Trees - Target Dollar Spot - I added the candy corn
Thanks so much for stopping by!

I hope you have a fun Halloween and you don't run out of candy!

Ann @ Corner of Plaid and Paisley
Ann @ Corner of Plaid and Paisley

In the past few years my interests have grown from fabric to paper and now to dishes too! I just love prints, polkadots, plaids and paisleys- hence the blog name.


  1. Such spooky fun on your table Ann! I love your adorable candy corn wands and that embellished them with bows and festive straws. The Harlequin treat cups are so cute and what a bargain too...I imagine the Peeps and candy corn vanish before your very eyes...good thing you can grow more on your trees! Your table is so fun and for your grandson and the young at heart! Thanks for the boos this morning, as always it’s a pleasure to blog hop with you!

  2. We are big fans of PJ Funnbunny in this house - what a perfect inspiration! Your candy corn wands are adorable, and love your haunted trees draped with candy corn - that's a dream come true! Such a fun setting - I hope your grandson has a chance to enjoy it along with you! Happy Halloween - so fun hopping with you!

  3. A candy corn tree, of course that's where it comes from!! I love the story about your grandson, so sweet, he is going to love this table! Everything is so much fun and just the right amount of scary! I am doing a ghost theme table tomorrow, my grandsons will see it today, I can't wait to see their reaction! They will most likely ask if they can eat the candy :) I always love your tables Ann!

  4. How sweet that your inspiration came from your grandson. That's what holidays are all about, aren't they? It was very cute and cheerful - yes, cheerful even for Halloween. Loved it!

  5. Ann I love your tablescape and it reminds me of Casper the friendly ghost. (which is the only ghost I like) LOL I did not see those ghost plates in my Home Goods...great find to go with your friendly ghost theme. I have not read the book about PJ, but I will very soon as I will have my grands visiting. Beautiful job and enjoy your little one. It is always a pleasure to blog hop with you.
    Kari @ me and my captain

  6. Your ghost theme is adorable! No, not scary, but so much fun! Those ghost pumpkins are cute and the little bows are the perfect addition. Those ghost plates were the catalyst for your fun ghost tablescape!

  7. Ann, what a fun and creative table. I love the ghost plates, they are perfect for your not so scary tablescape. I must find that book to read to my granddaughter!

  8. I can't think of a kid or an adult for that matter that wouldn't enjoy sitting around this table. The classic Halloween color combo of orange/black is perfect for the this table. Enjoy the holiday!

  9. Ann, your table is so fun and cute. Great traditional colors. Gotta love your happy ghosts. The ghost plates are cute as can be. Candy corn on a straw is a great favor. I saw those black trees at Target yesterday. A pleasure to join you on this Halloween tablescape blog hop.

  10. Such a terrific Halloween tablescape! I enjoyed seeing every detail in every pic! Love how you put candy corn on the trees! You've tied everything candy-corn together wonderfully and in a non-spooky way. It DOES make me want to rush out and buy that book - especially since I'm about to become a grandma in March!

  11. I love your Halloween tablescape in traditional Halloween colors! I love how you used the candy corn on your trees - just too cute! I like how you kept it fun and not scary! So happy to be hopping with you!

  12. Ann, I so envious! What better inspiration for creating your darling party table than a grandchild? I'm going to tuck that book idea for future reference. I adore those ghost plates! Love how you embellished the wands and ghosts with ribbons in this charming display of happy ghosts. And, guilty as charged --- Reese's Cups are my 'drug' of choice!

  13. Well I accidentally left you a long comment on your other tablescape because I somehow scrolled down too far looking for the comment section! So sorry about that. As you will read when you find it, I LOVE your adorable tablescape!

    1. You are so cute!! Thanks so much for the wonderful comments- on both posts!!!!😀💕

  14. Ann, this is a wonderful tablescape geared to the little ones (us too, if we'd only admit it, lol!) I'm sure your grandson will think it's super ghostly! Love all the extras you've added.

  15. Your table may not be scary but it sure is fun!

  16. What a great, fun table! I love the candy corn on the twig trees! And the wands, too. Just darling, all of it!

  17. Ann, I like how tailored and put together your table is for Halloween! Love the placemats and flatware, especially. That candy corn on the trees is super cute, and those wands look good! Yes, you are right, we go through this so we can get what we want with the perfect excuse of two hours (max) time of sharing some of it!

  18. Ann, this is FABULOUS! I love those ghost plates, and those candy corn treats look yummy. I am having the best time looking at everyone's Halloween tables today.

  19. Such a fun Halloween table! I love the ghost peeps popping out of the candy corn. The plates are adorable and you have done an amazing job styling the table with them. The candy corn growing on trees is a genius idea!a really fun and cheerful tablescape!

  20. Ann, you must be a great grandma. Your place settings are so spot on for Halloween, ones that a little boy would love. Your ghosts and pumpkins are adorable and you can never had enough candy corn.