Thursday, May 17, 2018

Royal Wedding Tablescape

We are having some fun this weekend with the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and and Meghan Markle coming up this Saturday.

We have a local brewery named Royal Docks that my girlfriend, Kim, had made arrangements for a bunch of us to tour and do a beer tasting - not even realizing that she planned this for the same day as the Royal Wedding.  Once we found out our tour is the same day as the wedding, we decided to make a whole Royal Day out of this!

 Kim's mother is from England so she lent me this wonderful tea towel from the Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1977.

 I quickly through a table together with her tea towel and some Union Jack tea bag holders I bought at World Market for the wedding watching breakfast that us ladies will be enjoying at 5am!
(needless to say  - none of our husbands wanted to join us for this part of the day!)
The salad plates are made in England and came with a little Union Jack sticker on them - so I cut off the writing and just stuck the flag sticker on the napkins!
What's an English celebration without a few scones!!  Which I found very hard to find - I would have thought every bakery would have scones made this week - but no!!! I should have just baked them myself but I needed to take these pictures quick before the roses died!!
I was afraid if I waited one more day with these poor roses - I would come down to just petals on the table.  You see my husband buys me these roses - which is nice, I am not complaining - but he gets them at work where a guy comes to his office selling them for the Kiwanis.  So, it is very convenient for him and it goes to a good cause.  But my husband forgot to bring them home on Friday - then again on Monday.  So by Tuesday night I wasn't sure if they would have much life left in them!

 All is good - and we won't really be using this table setting because things have grown!
I now have about 10 ladies coming early in the morning from some wedding viewing fun, so I will do a buffet style food setting. 
I better get off the computer and start baking scones!!

Will you be watching the wedding?
I work part time at a Bridal Salon - so this wedding will be a trend setting event - as all royal weddings tend to be!!  So I feel a duty to watch!!!

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  1. This is SO FUN!!!!!! You'd better believe I'll be up early to watch!!! I'm probably going to DVR the first hour or so to watch later but be up and at 'em early enough to see everyone arrive. I'm so excited!!! This tablescape captures the spirit of the historic day to perfection! Have fun with your friends!!!!!! (My husband has told me I am on my own...he's staying in bed "like all sane people with DVR capability.")

  2. How wonderful to make an event and day of fun out of the Royal Wedding! I plan on tuning in and just started watching The Crown on Netflix. I love the Union Jack tea bag holder and you’re so smart to reuse the sticker to embellish the napkins! Happy Scone Baking :)

  3. I l♥ve your tablescape Ann! Everything is so pretty! I purchased a Harry & Meghan tea towel at my local British shop last weekend, but forgot to photograph it for the blog. Maybe I'll add it later. It sounds like you will have lots of fun watching with your friends. Cheers!

  4. Ann, this is fantastic! The roses make the perfect centerpiece and match the colours in the tea towel turned table runner perfectly. If you didn't tell us, we'd never know the roses were left "untended" for days! Sweet hubby you have anyway! Enjoy your beer tasting tour and your day of wedding watching! Bad me...but I'll be sleeping in and watching the highlights later.