Sunday, July 16, 2017

Happy National Ice Cream Day!!!

We can not go by without celebrating one of my favorite things - Ice Cream!!
So when National Ice Cream day rolls around - We celebrate!
This was the perfect day for eating some ice cream.
Not so good for taking photos of it,  it was melting pretty fast!
Half the fun are the toppings, the extras, the sprinkles!
I had some eager volunteers to finish off the ice cream when I was done taking photos.
This is my favorite photo!!  Yum!
I hope you were able to indulge a little.

Thanks for stopping by!

Ann @ Corner of Plaid and Paisley
Ann @ Corner of Plaid and Paisley

In the past few years my interests have grown from fabric to paper and now to dishes too! I just love prints, polkadots, plaids and paisleys- hence the blog name.


  1. So happy to know there is a holiday that celebrates my favorite dessert! Beautiful pictures!

  2. Those are about the cutest ice cream bowls and plates I've seen! I love the coordinating ribbon!
    Sandra @ Dinner at Eight

  3. Yum! I just had a little late night snack ~ a taste of caramel ice cream. I want to go finish off the carton!
    Cute ice cream bowls and plates. Happy indulging!

  4. I hate that I missed National Ice Cream Day! YOu certainly celebrated in style Ann, love the cute striped bowls!

  5. I missed ice cream day, but I can indulge calorie free with your celebration. Looks delicious!

  6. I am there anytime you want to celebrate ice cream day! I think that holiday should be every evening. lol I am drooling looking at your pictures.