Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Caramel Apple Tablescape

Happy Fall! 

 One of my favorite memories as a child was picking apples and making homemade apple cider.  One of our friends had a cider press and we would spend the whole day making gallon after gallon of apple cider. I can still remember the smell and all of the bees that would buzz around us as we pressed all the sweetness out of those apples.

This week Cuisine Kathleen challenged us with an Apple Table Theme.  I chose to do the sweetest gooiest apples I know - Caramel Apples!
It all started when I found these caramel, black and beige plaid napkins on sale in the Bargain Barn at the Amish Country Peddler.   I just couldn't pass them up for $1.50 each.  
The next stop I made that day was into the bulk food store - and sitting right there in front of me was a huge display of caramel apples. That was when it dawned on me, I will use caramel apples for the apple challenge!

Not really sure of just what else I was going to use for this table while I was at this store, and as wishy washy as I am sometimes - I couldn't decide if I should stick to all caramel or get some candy red apples too.

As you can see - I never really made up my mind in the store and came home with both.  So I decided to make the red for the ladies and the caramel for the men.  But the caramel color pallet kind of won out in the grand scheme!

I used one of my white pumpkins from my Denim Fall Table along with some birch candles, a burlap placemat and some faux fall foliage.
To go along with the burlap placemat- I made some burlap flags to jazz up the sticks on the apples. 
I also used the same paper backed burlap and black stripe washi tape to make the napkin rings. 
To bring just a touch more of the black into the table I used some slate to make some placecards.
Does anyone have any idea how long you can keep a caramel apple before it goes bad?
 I am going to have to throw out the one candy apples  I have to be honest and tell you that one of my little flags came loose while taking the pictures and fell down into the red goo, and now there are burlap fibers all stuck to it!  Not too appetizing!

Thanks for stopping by!

Cream quilted placemats - TJ Maxx quite a while ago
Willow Chargers - Pottery Barn - last year with my sister Carol (the red apple pic)
White and Brown Sonoma Plates - Butter Churn Kitchenwares a number of years ago
Beige Plates and Plaid Napkins - Amish Country Peddler
Amber Glasses and Birch Candles- World Market- both last fall
Black flatware - Marshalls - a while ago

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Ann @ Corner of Plaid and Paisley

In the past few years my interests have grown from fabric to paper and now to dishes too! I just love prints, polkadots, plaids and paisleys- hence the blog name.


  1. Your table looks wonderful I ♥ the way it came out, so inviting...I could eat that apple with the nuts on the bottom right now, what a cool apple theme table...Phyllis♥♥

  2. Ann, you really were thinking outside the box...I love this table, it is the perfect palette for autumn! Great idea of using slate for placecards.
    Have a wonderful week...

  3. I totally agree with Marigene...Love your colors you chose. That velvety brown with the grapevine and cream colored plates is stunning. Wonderful table Ann.

  4. I get inspiration from napkins all the time! And, the only thing I like more than apples are caramel apples. I love all the natural elements you used! What a yummy table!

  5. Oh Ann, I love your caramel color scheme and all because of those inspirational napkins. I'm loving the natural look to all of it with your apples, the grapevine chargers and your fall foliage. What a great job you did on the challenge.

  6. You had me at caramel apples! I love them donning the burlap stripped flags, and the settings with the slate name cards. Your napkins are of course fabulous too, you will really enjoy those through the seasons!

  7. Ann, Your caramel apple table looks good enough to eat! Isn't it amazing to think about all the places we get inspired? And I agree -- if you can't make up your mind then choose both! Linda

  8. Caramel is a favorite color and taste for me. I've never made caramel apples, but just might have to after reading this post. '-) Great looking table!

  9. Oh I LOVE your caramel apple table~ from the handsome plaid napkins to the adorable burlap flags you added! It would have never occurred to me to use caramel apples, but they provide a delicious and wonderful inspiration for a warm color palette! The addition of the birch candles and slate place cards are perfect!

  10. Those little burlap flags are too cute. I love the idea of the caramel apples you used for this apple themed tablescape. I like the birch candles and the white pumpkin - they're a prefect country accent. Love the napkins- great colors!

  11. Hi Ann - Hold that spot... I'm on my way over to enjoy your caramel apples! Hugs, Holly

    1. Sorry Holly- my dog beat you to the caramel apples!! While I was editing my photos and writing my post - my dog had already helped herself to my apples! Very quietly she raided my table and I had no clue because she very rarely bothers anything in the house. By the time I discover it - she had eaten all 6 apples! There was only chewed up sticks and burlap flags left on the floor!

  12. Isn't it great how inspiration will strike at unexpected times? Love the idea of a caramel apple table, and yours really carries out the theme well. Perfect plaid napkins!

  13. This table is just so pretty decked out in all it's Fall-ish décor! And love caramel apples!

  14. Oh my gosh I'm in love with your little apple flags they are so cute! I love the colors you went with too~ Jennifer

  15. Fabulous Tablescape, Ann! You took it in a whole different direction, with the caramel colors & I LOVE IT!!
    I wear black & white & tan A LOT, so this table speaks to me, greatly. The little apples with the flags are adorable & those birch candles are really neat, too.

    I've NEVER had a candy apple last long enough to go bad, so I can't tell you! LOL

  16. Really pretty...you have totally made me hungry for those apples!

  17. What a beautiful Fall setting - the colors are just gorgeous!!!

  18. Love the "delicious" color scheme....your table looks so beautiful and inviting!! Save one of those apples for me :)

  19. You are one smart apple. :) in your use of caramel apples for Kathleen's challenge. Your table is so cute and perfect for the challenge. I didn't participate because I don't have anything apple even though I have been in education for over 34 years. It's one of those moments where I thought why didn't I think of caramel apples, my grandsons have been eating them and had some at their house. Maybe next year I can borrow your smart idea. Thanks.

  20. I love your take on the challenge, warm browns and caramel! Not only does it look wonderful, it looks delicious!
    Thanks for taking the challenge!

  21. Ann - how did I miss this post, before now?? I am a follower, too! I love the colors that you used on the table. The napkins were a wonderful starting point and it was so clever to think of using caramel apples! Wish I had some of those great dishes - I really like the color. Sorry that it took me so long to find this - lol!!

  22. How clever of you Ann, I would never have thought up anything as clever as this. You use the beautiful subtle colors of fall to perfection. I wish I had taken part in the challenge. I have just barely learned how to link up for a party. I intend to try to link up for the white challenge, but I still haven't figured out how to grab a button. It seems like everyone is having a great deal of fun. And in your case, you were having strokes of genius.