Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer Picnic

I have always admired Mary's  wonderful picnic posts over at Home is Where the Boat Is.  If you have not checked out Mary's absolutely beautiful blog yet  - you have been missing a spectacular treat!  So after seeing all of her fabulous picnic posts - I decided to try a picnic post myself.

I had an usual day off with nothing really planned.  It was a beautiful sunny day - so I decided to pack up a picnic basket and head out to one of my favorite spots.
Now - I have to admit - Even though I packed a kind of romantic picnic for two - I was the only one there.  Well, me and the guy mowing the lawn just to the left of where I was working!
This pond and willow tree are on a walking path that my husband and I walk a lot.  The only problem with this was - that it is a little hike with a bunch of stuff in tow - I wished that my husband had been with me.  Not just for pack mule purposes - but then I would have had someone to enjoy the picnic with!
I am pretty sure you are not suppose to have alcohol in the park, and I was going to dump out the wine and just put colored water in the bottle but then I forgot - consequently I was worried I would get busted.
"honestly officer it is just for my blog- I wasn't consuming it!"

 I got some really weird looks by the few people who were walking by on the path seeing this strange woman setting up a picnic for two.  I am sure they were thinking it was for me and the guy mowing the lawn! 

But no one must have reported me and the got the pictures I wanted!  I just love the willow trees around this pond.  There are houses on the other side of this pond - wouldn't you just love to look out at this everyday!

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  1. Well, your picnic pondside is charming. Too bad your husband didn't get to enjoy this pleasure! I think your photos are beautiful. I'd love to picnic with you in this lovely spot. Thanks for taking the time to create this to share with all of us.

  2. It's very pretty - and I enjoyed the laugh at the thought of what the passersby thought just as much as I enjoyed the lovely photos.

  3. Beautiful and oh so romantic :)

  4. Beautiful picnic and photos Ann, and you definitely captured Mary's special style with the lovely vignettes you created and different arrangements of your elements. A beautiful setting, and a lovely outing! Your story was delightful and reminded me of the day my daughter and I went to the botanical gardens to photograph her baby. We put her baby in one of the large flower pots on a blanket and had to be on the lookout for garden employees and quickly move her if they got close! Felt like a criminal, but we got some great photos!

  5. Yes, finally someone posted some pictures of the beautiful pond that I see every day out my upstairs window! Thank you, I am an artist and will be painting this romantic scene. Thanks again! We are BizzyBzzz on line all over, check us out if you can.