Sunday, June 3, 2012

Office Book Shelves ReDo!

Ok, Yesterday my A.D.D. cleaning tendancies kicked in.  I started with the simple task of cleaning off my mantle for a new project (more to come on that in a couple weeks) And ended up clearing out the whole wall of bookshelves in our office.
Let me go back here a minute - I need to show you a before picture first!
 I call these Bookshelves loosely because there are in fact very few books and alot of junk on these shelves. When looking for a place to put the things I was clearing off my mantle, I got a phone call from the 1980's saying they wanted all their country crocks back!  I have to admint there were pictures of neices and nephews on here that are at least 10 years old.  I even found a rowing award my husband and I recieved when we were first married with no kids in 1983- we didn't even live in this house at the time! It was over due for a good weeding and cleaning.
So this turned into a huge project. Pretty soon I was out in my garage again with the cans of spray paint.
I painted several frames and and a storage box black.  Then I decided I needed some more metal looking objects so I painted a few frames with my personal favorite can of spray paint - Rust-oleum Hammered Silver.  It gives it more of a metal look than just a flat silver.
  From the frames, I moved on to flower pots.  I sprayed this with a fine mist layer of black first and then the hammered silver lightly over to top of the black, letting some of the black show through, just to give them sort of an aged look about them.
I bought some black file boxes for all the papers that had been piled up around the office.  I edited the items going back on the shelves - a pile of keep somewhere else, a pile of Goodwill, and a pile of trash!
Then there was plenty of room for the items I loved from my mantle to find a permanent home in our office.

The end result is a much cleaner, more up to date look.

Now back to cleaning the rest of the house!
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  1. It looks fabulous. I love the look of the pots you spray painted!

  2. Yes, amazing how small changes make such a big difference.That is such a big book case easy to junk up you gave it nice clean modern look.

  3. I think you have done a wonderful transformation. It looks amazing! I really like that ampersand!


  4. what a difference! I love the new, updated look.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  5. The shelf and frames are just perfectly done! :) Those who are looking for a office accommodation or any place else can consider your ideas for designing and maximising an office space! :)