Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day

We took some time this Memorial Day to stop and say thank you to the many men and woman who have given service to our country.
Many of our relatives have served in the Army, Navy, Marines and the Air Force.
We are grateful to those who have given up a huge part of their lives to be apart from their families to fight for the rights of all.
And especially for those who families who lost their sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers so we could live in a free country. 
May we never forget their courage.

I hope you had an enjoyable long Memorial Day Weekend.
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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Creating a Simple Cheese Board Appetizer Table

Are you throwing a party and want a simple way to do the appetizers?  Consider a cheese, cracker and/or charcuterie tray.
We recently had a party to show off our new kitchen.  I really did not want a  mess of dishes in the sink and on the counters for this party and I was looking for an easy way to have some appetizer, so I decided to turn my kitchen table into a big cheese and cracker tray.
I included cheese, meat, fruit, crackers, nuts and mini croissants,
this way everything could be cut up and washed early in the day and stored in the fridge and cupboard until just before the party started.  My girlfriend cut some azaleas from her yard that we used for our centerpiece.
We like to call this a charcuterie tray - just because it the word charcuterie sounds so fancy.
But truly a charcuterie tray has more meats and is usually served on a wood board.  I only included some hard salami, summer sausage and pepperoni on my table and used a variety of trays.
To give the display some height I used my three tier galvanized tray and filled the top two tiers with fruit.  The bottom tier is several different cheeses, crackers and pepperoni.
To add texture to the table I used a couple of different weave baskets, one to hold some mini croissants and the other is holding some sesame stick crackers.
A little trick I used for these baskets is to take a glass dish that will fit down in the basket and turn it upside down just to take up some room in the bottom of the basket.  That way you don't have to fill the entire basket with the food item.  If you use a clear glass dish - it still looks half way decent if you should run low on what ever is in the basket.
Start your table by laying out your cheeses so that they are room temperature by the time your guests arrive.  Then fill in around the cheeses with different varieties of crackers and nuts.  I also added some dried apricots for some color.  Olives can be a big part of a display like this, but I really don't care for olives, so I went very sparingly on those!
Using a variety of trays gives it interest, but staying in the wood and grey tones of all the serving dishes gives it some cohesiveness.  

I hope this gives you some ideas for your next party!
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Friday, May 12, 2017

I jumped on the Succulent Bandwagon!

Succulents are so popular now.
So of course I jumped in and did a Succulent Tablescape.
The only succulent plant I was familiar with before this past year or so, when they got so popular, was chicks and hens.  We used to have those lining our garden bed when I was little.
Now there are so many varieties available.
I think the second one in on this side of the tray looks like Shrek's ears!
I found these galvanized lanterns, very reasonably priced.  I may plant some of the succulents in a pot and put them in these lanterns instead of the candles I have here.  I don't think the succulent plants will last long in this galvanized tray because there is no drainage.  

There are a mix of fake and real succulents here. I have seen some bad artificial succulents out there, but I didn't think that these little pots on the place setting looked too fake!

Are you all sick of my green polka dot napkins?!  I have been using them a lot lately.
It's funny, they were one of the cheapest sets of napkins I have bought, but probably the most used.

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Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful Mom's out there!!

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!

I love celebrating Cinco de Mayo!
I love the colors and the food that Cinco de Mayo brings.
I realize that this holiday is probably celebrated more by people who are not of Mexican heritage than those that are, but I guess that is why I feel comfortable celebrating it.
I don't usually like working with bright bold colors, but for this occasion I pull out all the stops.
I see that I messed up my forks in this photo!!  
Some days you think you have it all together, then you notice that the flatware is all crooked,
that was before I had any margaritas!

If you like these bright colors - you may like some of my past Cinco de Mayo Tables:

I have this sudden craving for chips and salsa!
I hope you have fun celebrating too.

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